About CanSupplier

CanSupplier was founded in 2009 and is one of the largest apparel suppliers in major metropolitan cities in Western Canada. CanSupplier is rapidly expanding its operations to other major metropolitan cities of Eastern Canada and African and European markets. We manufacture and provide a wide range of wholesale products from different categories of apparel for all ages and genders, linens, and promotional products for various purposes.

CanSupplier has its product lines, and we manufacture most of our clothing and linen product lines from our designated four (4) high-end mid-size factories in Bangladesh. CanSupplier also has exclusive access to over 50+ large high-end factories in Bangladesh and China for specialty or exclusive products. We assist our beloved clients in developing, customizing, or enhancing product requirements and speciation of all categories of apparel products. We strive to keep the best relationship with our clients by meeting or exceeding product quality and requirements, agreeing upon timely delivery, and, more importantly, establishing trust.

CanSupplier keeps the client’s profile dynamic, from product sourcing to product specialization and product buying to supply chain administration. CanSupplier is continually overhauling and obtaining new abilities to guarantee that we can serve our clients better. CanSupplier appreciates the opportunities to deal with our clients, and we are proud to deliver genuine products and effective services at a competitive price.

Working hard and focused on providing quality products delivered on time!