Can Supplier

You can purchase trampoline from Can Supplier to get the better quality and best features as well. We provide wide range of size and options with the overall details of any trampoline. No matter Despite of the shape and size you can deliver most of the trampoline at your door. Nothing can beat the fun of a bouncing trampoline; it’s another level of enjoyment that we are giving as wholesale suppliers. We are determined To make your pleasure safe, provide the best quality, and top features with any service. From Can Supplier, you can order trampolines in 8-10-12-14 fit sizes easily. Besides, they also fulfill clients’ requirements for any shape or design in the trampoline. Take your best experience and a great deal of trampoline from Can Supplier.

Different Trampoline Collection


Round Trampoline

In the history of trampoline round shape, trampolines came first. People can get 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and more available quality complete round trampolines for home base. For backyards or shorter space, a 14ft trampoline is perfect with 400 pounds of weight capacity.


Rectangular Trampoline

To make yourself more comfortable and safe while playing or having fun with a rectangular trampoline shape is best. Besides money-worthy and all category features if anyone looking for rectangular trampolines is best for anywhere. These are huge and provide larger capacity as well.


Square Trampoline

Square trampolines are structured to hold high weight capacity. Its perfect size range will be 12ft-14ft-17ft with exceptional features. Also, in bounce rate, square trampolines are more vital than other shapes.


Octagonal Trampoline

A trampoline that comes in a vast size range and provides a better weight capacity will be octagonal trampolines. As many people can bounce on it simultaneously, it takes a huge space to set up.


Mini Trampoline

For having more fun, a mini trampoline is perfect for kiddo types. If some want their home trampoline with maximum weight capacity, it’s better to pick a mini one.


Water Trampoline

If it’s summer and size, design, capacity doesn’t matter; water trampolines are way much fun to have. Though it’s costly, the features will not remind you about the money because everyone will have super fun with these.


Caged Trampoline

Caged trampolines are required for the extreme safety of kids. It mostly comes in compact sizes like 2ft-4ft-8ft-12ft but not more than that. As the size, it has capacity restriction as well for better safety.


Springless Trampoline

In detail, springless trampolines are suitable for all ages for their powder-coated frames, UV stabilization. Springless trampoline is designed to provide more health benefits than fun.


Bungee Trampoline

Bungees are provided to the commercial places to have factors. It’s costlier and more significant than all trampolines and has such safety issues as well. But jumping in bungee is the real fun of trampolines.

We supply all types of Trampoline according to the clients needs.